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Elite Welding Equipments is the best seller of Welding Machines. Authorized Dealer for GB Kore Arc , Rilon Welding Machines and welding accessories. Service for all kind of Welding Machines.

Elite Welding established in the year 1997, we Elite Welding Equipments are the trader, retailer and supplier of welding machine, equipments and accessories. We focus in the trading of high quality welding equipment & accessories. Our broad variety is well valued in the domestic segment for its high quality and performance standards. Currently, we are supplying these products to many presumed companies in the domestic markets. We obtain offered variety of welding equipment and accessories from well-known suppliers across the country.

These products are safely stocked up in our storehouse, which has a huge ability and is divided into well-labeled segments. Our diversity of welding equipment and machines is supplied to the clients, only after they pass through severe quality tests. Furthermore, our pleasant business associations with the manufacturers also permit in presenting these to our clients in personalized specifications.


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Many distinct factors influence the strength of welds and the material around them, including the welding method, the amount and concentration of energy input, the weld ability of the base material, filler material, and flux material, the design of the joint, and the interactions between all these factors.To test the quality of a weld, either destructive or nondestructive testing methods are commonly used to verify that welds are free of defects, have acceptable levels of residual stresses and distortion, and have acceptable heat-affected zone (HAZ) properties.

Types of welding defects include cracks, distortion, gas inclusions (porosity), non-metallic inclusions, lack of fusion, incomplete penetration, lamellar tearing, and undercutting. Welding codes and specifications exist to guide welders in proper welding technique and in how to judge the quality of welds.Methods such as visual inspection, radiography, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant inspection, Magnetic-particle inspection or industrial CT scanning can help with detection and analysis of certain defects.

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